As you sleep she watches
Comfort in your rest
Her hands are softly touching
Appearance God's request

Knowing that you need Her
With wings she flew to you
Now she's there to comfort
God's Angel in your view

Feel her wings around you
In sleep you find great peace
The passion of your sorrow
This moment of release

Angel singing softly
Love's sweetest lullaby
Heart is now reviving
The gift of God on High

Sleep on through the sorrow
She takes away all pain
Tears of your tomorrow
Will somehow seem to wane

Awaken to the feeling
That you never are alone
Allow her now to enter
Your heart becomes her own.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

The midi is performed by Yuko Ohigashi. Her midis may ONLY be used with permission from the composer.

Visit her site by clicking on her name. The midi is entitled Emptiness

Yuko now has MP3s available and you may download them at her site!  She has CDs for sale now too!


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