New day dawns in glorious light
With heaven's sweet reply in sight
Sun streams in with precious glow
God now whispers first Hello

Love He sends us in sweet dawn
On this very special morn
Love within life's gentle ray
Sun shines glory on this day

Quiet now just fills the air
Sparkling vision everywhere
Rays to warm our heart with love
Sent from Jesus up above

Knows this life is filled with woe
Tells us that He loves us so
Pushes all the clouds away
Gentle breezes softly sway

Light that falls from God's own Hands
Trickling through the trees so grand
What a gift that keeps us warm
Gracious light within our storms

Clouds he parts for us each day
So we can see His love this way
Thank Him for this joy we see
Sent to us so reverently.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright September 1, 2002











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Midi Entitled "Angels Over Me" Performed by Margi Harrell

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