Today we come together
Our nation now will share
Hands across the country
Each hand now linked in prayer

We seek that love will guide us
Help us find a way
Heads we bow so reverent
In each Religion pray

Each of us all one in life
Our hearts are all the same
Let those beats within our hearts
Be heard in one refrain

Peace in life we ask for
No matter who you are
Join in life's sweet miracle
No matter where you are

This I pray will happen
That everyone will know
We all seek a special place
Where love and peace will flow

Now all joined together
In solemn silent prayer
That rises up to Heaven
In unison we share

No one is an Island
We do not stand alone
Together as a force of one
The heart of love be known

We ask that God will bless us
To hear us in our prayer
Grant us peace and harmony
The love that we must share.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright May2, 2002





Midi "Tears On A Rose" by Élan Michaels


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