I see the land before me
So soft and moist with dew
The river and majestic trees
Forever in my view

Beyond the path I walk now
Your Chapel now appears
This vision my Dear Jesus
Takes away my fears

I take the path that leads me
Walk in this place of light
I sit here and I ponder
While candels glow so bright

My heart it is so heavy
This world is hard you see
So much of life to deal with
It takes it's toll on me

I try with all that's in me
To always do what's right
But each day it's a struggle
Yet try with all my might

So much of life around me
That troubles my heart so
It's hard to just imagine
The sadness You must know

How can I help you Jesus
What is it I can do
To help this world just gather
One special prayer for You

With quiet thoughts of Heaven
Within this sacred place
I heard His special message
It filled me with such grace

He said I need one person
To show a gentle love
The heart that you are touching
Will know all meaning of

Joy that falls upon you
When you touch another's hand
Reach for it with comfort
These blessings I have planned

The greatest gift I've given
That only you can use
Wisdom of your freedom
So you can always choose

I cannot change this gift now
I put my faith in you
One child to share a message
The world will start anew

I gathered my belongings
Left my heart with Him
Gave me all the courage
To let the prayer begin

Each step I take with wisdom
The smile I show of peace
Love I pass to everyone
Let happiness increase

For all you who are burdened
Each tear a raindrop falls
Will quench the thrist of many
Bring love to one and all

Then He will walk beside you
With joy that you took part
For you have done His bidding
Today you touched a heart.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

Midi Composition "Treasured Time"

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