When sorrow is upon me 
When words are not enough 
I walk into this beauty 
Remembering God's touch 

I see the mountain standing 
The water crisp and clear 
Touch the love of nature 
With God forever near 

The storms within us growing 
Then look upon this sight 
The quiet love of Jesus 
Will softly give you light 

His Home He bids you welcome 
Come knock upon His door 
His Heart is there to meet you 
So let your sorrows pour 

He'll hold you very gently 
Within His Arms you'll rest 
The peace will fill the mountain 
Your soul has now been blest 

Walk with Him forever 
You'll feel His Love bring peace 
As gently water ripples 
The sound of love repeats.

 ~ Francine Pucillo ~ 

Midi Entitled "Rose Petal"

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