Falling from the sky now
Soft petals of His Love
Heart is filled with sorrow
He's watching from above

Asked Him for a minute
Begged Him to come down
Put His Arms around me
Heard Him say "Don't Frown"

I told Him how I'm feeling
He told me that He knew
Cried a Tear He wiped it
Standing in my view

He touched me with a gentleness
Like the softness of a prayer
I need to feel Your comfort
He said "My Child I'm here"

I felt His Hand upon me
I looked at Him and sighed
My heart it feels so empty
This pain will not subside

He sent a pretty butterfly
Emerging from the sky
Brought to me such comfort
With softest wings that fly

Rolling stream to sit by
Cleansed my soul today
Water touched by heaven
Bright crystals sent my way

Majestic tree of beauty
Shelter for me now
He gave to me love's power
As leaves began to bow

Flowers in a meadow
Sweetest of bouquets
There before my eyes
The grandest of ballets

All these things you asked for
They're with you on the earth
Take from them the comfort
They'll always give rebirth

Then the Light of Heaven
It shined from up above
Felt my heart just bursting
Bright Rays of Tender Love

He whispered to me softly
I'm always here each day
Standing right beside you
Teaching you to pray.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright 2002-2007





Midi "From Where I Am" by Enya

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