Be not afraid let God take your hand
Walk in His presence His Footsteps so grand
Beyond all the sorrow in life through the pain
This Shepherd will guide you as heart beat remains

A glow of God's essence will live on each day
For words he has written forever shall stay
Gentle with passion his courage with love
His destiny prefaced on wings of a Dove

No man in his shadow that he could not see
The heart in God's rhythm that beats reverently
Through all of the ages his love will be here
In gentle reflection his words will appear

Walk through God's Passion His love if you fall
Be humble and gracious His Hand there for all
A moment's reflection of all we are told
That He is the Shepherd and we are his fold

He taught us with wisdom that came naturally
That love is the answer in each homily
So pray for all nations and pray for God's peace
To fall now upon us while gentle man sleeps

With courage his mantra and love in his sphere
His world was his Oyster his pearls always near
He tenderly cultured the pearls that were rare
Brought them their glory in unspoken prayer

With courage and valor and rights for us all
He never would waiver in fights big or small
His dream for the ages was hopeful and bright
With dreams of a world that God's Love would ignite

And so as he left us we learned through his grace
That death was a moment we all must embrace
In his finest moment with last breath and then ~
His final gift given a peaceful "Amen."

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright April 4, 2005


What words can be said in honor of a man who gave his life for His Savior, from the beginning of his life until the end of it this holy man stood for the rights of others. Spoke of his feelings no matter what was thought of him, if he did not agree with you he told you how he felt. But always in this process handling it diplomatically. He was charismatic and a gentle peaceful man.

Born in Poland with a special light that he shared with the world. He was destined to be a great man. He made friends, defied Communism, helped those who needed him and loved all. No matter what your religion he respected you. Although he was not a progressive man regarding the modern world such as abortions, euthanasia and other dogma's of the church he understood the human mind. He also believed in his teachings and would not budge on them. He loved so freely, he gave himself totally to the Passion of Christ and the love of the Blessed Mother. He laughed, he cried, he loved, he never stood in the background when it came to speak his mind. He was truly a Vicar of Christ on this earth.

He loved children and they were taken with him too. My heart feels as though I actually lost my own Father when he passed, and yet I was able to cope with it because he was reconciled to his death because of his example to us of how not to be afraid to let go of life as long as you gave it all  your best. I feel in my heart that his being on this earth was our greatest blessing. There are so many wondrous things this ordinary man did in life to bring the spirit of love to his final "Amen."

His gentle demeanor and his hearty laugh and his little quips to show his humor was welcomed from the Popes of the past, he was truly the "People's Pope. He was a man of great wealth in his heart. He was a man of great wealth in his soul and he was a man who blessed us with the richness of his life and his love.

The most amazing thing to me was that he was not embarrassed by his Parkinson disease, or if he was unable to hold his head upright in his declining years of health. He showed that he was human, and with all his human frailties, he did not hide from the public. He said his Mass and he spoke his words and he did it with the power and the glory of a man who was completing his work on this earth. He showed us that it is okay to be sick and go through life with the difficulty and still move on towards an end. I am sure that with his last Amen his heart was filled with love and peace.

To me he was an icon in life that makes me now feel that it is okay to fight for what I believe in and accept all people, no matter what their creed, and respect them for their beliefs. I have never felt such love in my heart for anyone than I have for our beloved John Paul II.

During his visit to the United States he was brought through the streets of Greenpoint, Brooklyn to celebrate a Mass at my old parish, St. Stanislaus Kostka Church, as he went through the streets I was able to catch his eye and felt his love fill  my heart. From that day until this day I felt the love that this man emanated in his daily living. No one was really expecting that "Hello Brooklyn" that he said and we all felt so very special that day.  Never in my life would I forget this day, that a man of such beauty would go through the streets of Brooklyn sharing his heart and his love to all.

I know that his job on earth is done and that he leaves a legacy that we are proud to share. His legacy of love, his desire for us to love one another and feel the compassion and caring that you need in this life to understand all that is wrong and possibly what we can do as a universe to perhaps get it right some day. I love you my beloved Pope John Paul II, you are the "Amen" in every prayer I utter from this day forward until we meet again.

May his heaven be filled with little angels tending a garden of beauty created by God to bless him for a papacy that will long be remembered.


Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you.


With great love and respect.

Francine Pucillo

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