Within His Arms now gathered
The child's heart He made pure
Filled with blessings mighty
The smiles of love endure

Hurt not "These My Children"
You'll always hear Him Say
For they are the beginning
The gift of life's new day

Hold them and protect them
No hate be born inside
For they are all our Children
Life's promise ~ we decide

Show them the compassion
With love that we can share
Teach them only beauty
In hearts that they will bear

For each a mighty temple
Of life and what we'll know
If only you will lead them
Where peace and love will flow

Smiles of light abandon
Are gathered like a prayer
Show them life's compassion
Their hearts are always there

Teach them love and passion
Within this life to give
Each one will be a mentor
For all the life they live

Handle them with softness
They'll return it and you'll see
This world a place of peacefulness
Blessed in harmony.

~ Francine Pucillo ~



Midi "From Where I Am" by Enya

Obtained from Arlene's Miscellaneous Midis

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