Come walk with me now
To see nature's gift
The beauty fulfilling
My mind all adrift

The trees that are blest
With beauty to share
They shade me with love
Like unspoken prayer

The butterflies roam
They fly gracefully
Within smallest branches
They rest peacefully

Food for my soul
So reverently shown
Brings peace to this land
Earth's most royal throne

To walk on this earth
With love that abounds
The wonder of nature
Our very own crown

The water cascading
Into rushing cool streams
To quench all our thirst
This water redeems

Greatest magnificence
Here on this earth
Gifted by nature
Sweet token of birth

We stand in this glory
While softly we pray
Give thanks for the beauty
God smiles every day.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

Midi Entitled "Found"

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