Who is this child that hides a face
With eyes cast on the ground
This loveliest of creatures 
That's waiting to be found

 Knowing deep inside there is
Something very wrong
Never really knowing why
They surely don't belong

  This child of God is so abused 
They don't know right from wrong
Should they stay or should they run
Their fear in life so strong

 So they cower in the corner 
Hoping they won't hear
Sounds that always let them know 
The beating time is near

 For they are children of abuse
With misery and hate
The people who inflict the pain
Abuse for their mistakes

  Their hearts they are so heavy
Burdened with such strife
They wonder if they'll ever see
The light of a new life

   In this room they sit and pray
That someone eases fear
Please come down to get me
I'm so afraid in here

 Then the door it opens wide
The child is glad to see
An angel of the "Mourning" 
She lifts them carefully

  This little child born of this life
In terror with such fear
Has reached the place where 
Love and peace will finally be near

 And sleeping in the heavens 
On a puffy little cloud
Angels placed the little child 
As sweetly each one bowed

  For way upon a cloud
The stars are shining bright
This little tarnished angel
Now of Platinum shares their light.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright 1999

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