Take me back to years ago
When heart was sweet and pure
The little boy you met that day
Was filled with life and more

With little hands I reached for you
But you were never there
Upon my heart the hands of sin
My soul knew such despair

Trust in me for all I am
You see I walk with God
Held your hand to find the way
Discovered path a fraud

The little boy that lives in me
So drenched in memories
Love that should be heavenly
Now fraught with misery

The grief I feel it fills my cup
The poison came from you
The man of God who ravaged me
With scars I'll always view

On your back you wore the cloth
That I was taught to love
The collar of a blessed one
We trust in God above

You took away my innocence
You left me feeling bare
Not one thought can ever give
The peace of any prayer

Until this day you violate
The soul of one so small
Today I am a man you see
The child in me still crawls

Cringing at the thought of you
The sins I feel I wear
They really don't belong to me
I wonder if you care

The only sin a child commits
Was putting faith in you
Trusting in all innocence
The way all children do

You tore my little heart away
Your sin beyond compare
How hard it is to chase away
The demons that are there

Be gone from me and leave in peace
The man I've come to be
Each step I take will leave behind
The man who tortured me.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright 2001

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