Gathered in protection
With love that is aware
Guards her special children
With deepest love to share

Held in such devotion
With tenderness divine
Heart of consolation
Her spirit love designed

Reaching out protecting
Such beauty in her soul
Gentle words to fall upon
Love that makes her whole

Protecting as in nature
The small ones on the land
Cuddled to her closely
These babies understand

Love is always given
With tenderness and care
Unselfish and devoted
With heart of love to bare

Listen to the gentle beat
That echoes from her heart
Love goes on forever
Her work of life like art

Masterpiece of heaven
The gift that God designs
Canvas of soft colors
The soul that love enshrines.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright 2001


This set is dedicated to our friend, Bunny, who does everything she can

 to protect the little ones.  We love her spirit.  The world is a

better place because of Bunny.

Midi Entitled "Rose Petal"  

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