On the edge of life you see
Lady resting comfortably
Sees the earth within her sphere
Away from harm with no more fear

Looking down with so much hope
Trying so hard just to cope
Her soul desires love meekly
She never hears a rhapsody

Time to take a flight on high
Kept from harm heart's gentle sigh
Resting in the clouds above
Needs a place to find some love

Sheltered in the softness there
Offers God a special prayer
Let me live within this peace 
I need the beauty of release

Give me strength to carry on
Hold me softly till the dawn
Let me shine with brightest glow
As I travel earth below

Gentle peace is all I need
Captured by my heart's belief
Protect me from this cross I bear
Give me strength to end despair

Cling to me soft gentle cloud
Resting in your beauty now
Gentleness invades my soul
A fleeting moment I am whole

On cloud's pillow comfort now
It will get me through somehow
Thank you for this place of rest
This fleeting moment I am blessed.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright 1999-2004


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