~ Look Beneath The Heart ~
Dedicated to Carol

Look beneath the heart you hold 
Such treasures in your soul
Travel in a peacefulness 
This journey makes you whole

Cast away the fear you held 
Let it fly so free
Let me hold you in my heart 
These wings love naturally

Let no harm consume your life
Lose sorrow with new dawn
Cling to love that grows within 
To build your life upon

Let the shadows go away
 Never fear no more
I will be your guardian
With gentle love adore

Angel wings to hold you close 
Lace to dry your tears
Whispers heard in many sounds 
Soft echoes life's premiere

Hold on while we take this flight 
All sadness disappears
Just the joy of special flight 
My love forever near

While awakened from this dream
Feel the cool sweet mist
Rise now and you'll always know
Your victory persists

Gather flowers in the field
Yield a sweet bouquet
Rich in velvet is this gift
May this be life's pathway.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright 2000




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