Let me show you the way
 To Mountains above
So filled with God's splendor
Of gentle sweet love

Where no one can hurt you 
You'll always be safe
From torments that face you
 I'll try to erase

The pain that you feel
 Goes way deep inside
I can see on your face
That it's so hard to hide

I am here just to give you
 The way that is clear
A peaceful expression 
Of love that is near

I feel all your sorrow 
I feel all your pain
I know that you need love 
These words not in vain

So let me just lead you 
To uncharted lands
Where while on this earth
 You can let life expand

Know that your beauty
Is greatest of worth
An expression of beauty
 The day of your birth

Though roads that you travel
Are weary and long
Please know that I love you 
So you can feel strong

So come to the mountain 
Stay right on this path
I'll guide you to cool streams
 That quench all the wrath

Hold on to my spirit 
Fly high with me
I offer you beauty
Of love naturally

Know that the mountain 
Will offer reprieve
In silence you gather
The love that's received.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright 1999-2004



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