The walls they all are closing
I try my best to see
I cannot count my blessings
I'm trapped in misery

I call out for a moment
I hear a sound at last
No it's not my future
It's sadness of my past

Close my eyes in sorrow
I never see a light
Only miles of darkness
It fills me with such fright

I wonder who will find me
All filled with so much fear
The footsteps that I treasured
They seemed to disappear

Now there is no music
When I open up a door
There is only ignorance
A place you can't explore

Now I hear a footstep
It's coming close to me
I tilt my head to heaven
It's Jesus that I see

He picks me up and holds me
He tells me I'm the best
I feel so very special
My head against His chest

He tells me I'm worthwhile
 I have a place to go
Within His gentle beauty
His smile just makes me glow

I found my biggest treasure
I put my faith in Him
I know He can be trusted
His Light is never dim

Some days I may feel lonely
A tear or two will fall
Forever I will feel His peace
His footsteps I'll recall.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright 1999-2004

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