When tears do fall when skies are gray

When all in life seems miles away

When the world is dark and you're alone

Whispered prayers will bring us home

When days are filled with such despair
When life is hurt beyond compare
When words are not enough to say
Just listen to your heart and pray
There I'll be right by your side
To comfort love and recognize
The worth of all you'll always be
Your gift of  life gives constantly
Throughout the years and in the storms
The faith you have will make you strong
For I am there to touch your face
To bring you comfort in your space
Reaching you no matter where
The heart does travel without fear
Holding you with gentle care
Feel this presence everywhere
I give you shelter in the storm
I'm there to gather love that's strong
To whisper sacred homilies
Of what you truly mean to me
These the gifts that I will share
Compassion is the heart I wear
Holding you with gentle peace
Your sadness now has been released
These the things we do in life
To help all those and ease their strife
Just see the heart that lives within
Then the healing shall begin
Feel the love that I shall send
With joyous love as hearts now blend
As gentle waves break on the shore
Compassion reaches hearts once more
Time of life that gets us through
A moment spent between us two
Caring with a special grace
This gentle peace our hearts embrace.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright June 17, 2006

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Midi Entitled "Hold My Heart" by Annie Herring

Obtained by Arlene's Heavenly Midi's


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