Searching for you deep inside
Knowing that you're there
In constant consternation
With hope for heart's repair

Seeking out each reason
To show that you are pure
Always there to guide you
Encourage and assure

Still there is a blemish
This cloud in life you wear
No matter what the cleansing
The stain is always there

Hoping for an answer
Within my heart I delve
There is no rhyme or reason
My spirit has been shelved

See youth has gone by swiftly
And yet inside I'm small
Unwilling yet unconsciously
 This evil still recalled

This is not what's wanted
But lost within this sphere
Each day a new beginning

Yet sorrow always near

This world it keeps revolving

No matter what the pain

Take charge of this moment

A peaceful cleansing rain

While deep inside a freshness

That fills the soul with peace

It comes with tender moments

The child in me released.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright October 22, 2003


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 Original Composition Entitled "Celtic-Lullabye" by
Heatherli (Susan) Giffen

Obtained from Laura's Midi Heaven

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