I'm calling for a blessing
Oh no, it's not for me
For all my special friends
The hearts I always see

Ones who need an extra hug
A special gentle kiss
Been thinking of them lately
So I thought I'd ask You this

Life is pretty hard now
For some of my sweet friends
So thought I'd ask this favor
I know Your love does mend

Each one of them so special
I'd like for them to know
I'm pulling for them daily
Within my heart they glow

So Jesus just one favor
It's all I ask of You
Give my friends a message
A blessing maybe two

Give to them Your softness
Let them know You care
Their hearts are truly hurting
I know You will repair

Thank you for this privilege
To speak so candidly
I'll stop by to see you later
I need a hug for me.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright 2001



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