Gazing in the candle's glow
Heart upon her sleeve
Seeing joys within her light
Her mind can now perceive

Beauty of her growing up
What path she needs to find
The best accomplishment in life
The love that life will bind

Wants to always be her best
Wants to leave her mark
Let you know that she was here
Forever leave her spark

Will she do it with a word
A gently spoken prayer
The way to touch a perfect soul
With love that's always there

Will her smile leave endless trails
Of love that you can see
Butterflies that dance around
Her heart so merrily

Of all the gifts she offers you
She gives her heart the best
For in this life her sacred wish
Abundant love that's blest.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright 2001


Midi Entitled " My Prayer " by
Midis by Bruce DeBoer

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