As you light each candle

On these festive days

I hope the glow will go on

In gentle soft array

Of colors that will flicker

Dancing in the air

To give a greater meaning

With hearts of love and care

I hope these days are happy

With joy within each light

Granting greatest wishes

The gifts of life so bright

May each day be a blessing

That fills your heart with glee

My very special wishes

That come so naturally

I wish for you the sunshine

That lasts the whole day long

The song of gentle breezes

In echoes soft and warm

Then when day is over

When stars and moon are there

I wish for you the peacefulness

That comes within a prayer

May God continue blessing you

With love that's never far

The glow of every candle

Your wish upon a star

Have a perfect Holiday

With flame that never ends

I wish for you this every day

Family ~ Love ~ and Friends.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright November 26, 2002


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"Little Girl With Menorah" ©Kitty Roach

Midi Entitled "In The Window" Obtained from

 Marakita's Favorite Jewish Midi Music

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