Witch's Flight

Checking on my friends below
From way up in the sky
Riding all around the place
With magic broom so high

Moon is full ~ a perfect night
To try and scare a few
But not me ~ I'm a gentle witch
This  story just for you

Once upon a broom you see
I travel fast and light
I bumped into another witch
She was looking for a fight

We'll she sure got her gander up
I said ~ hey what's with you
She said you weren't watching me
I said to her that's true

I'm watching for my little friends
They trick or treat today
I love to see their costumes on
I love to watch them play

She said ~ hey girl you are a pain
You know what witches do?
Gentle witch just looked at her
Said yes ~ I know that too

I love to be a witch you know
But never want to scare
I only feel the greatest peace
It's love I want to share

She looked at me with such disdain
I knew that she was mad
So I figured I would offer her
A special brew I had

I have a special treat for you
I have a cup right here
Like magic in her hand appeared
A golden cup of cheer

The cranky witch she took a sip
Said ~ what magic is in  here
The gentle witch said it's just love
The mean witch disappeared

Below she saw some children play
She started to descend
The kids were so excited now
They knew she was their friend

The gentle witch just looked at them
She winked and gave a hug
Started telling stories now
Gave their hearts a tug

Every Halloween you'll see
This gentle smile so sweet
Witch who loves to share her joy
She's such a special treat.

Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright 2001












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