I don't know how I got here
Or how they took this shot
I swear that I was yawning
I'm now put on a spot

I'm cute and oh so loving
I'm gentle and I'm kind
Now I have been ruined
And you have crossed the line

I'm going to start a lawsuit
My nerves are really shot
I go and get my teeth cleaned
And this is what I got

I know that you expect this
So  Happy Halloween
You'll hear from my attorneys
I got the Purrfect team

You will all be sorry
You showed my fangs today
But I will just be gracious
Hear me when I say

I hope you all enjoy this
One minute for your fame
I know I'm gonna win this case
I know who shares the blame.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright September 1, 2002




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