Listen Fred I've had it
You make me so darn mad
Think I'm dressed for Halloween
You think this dress looks bad?

Remember that most special day
Thirty years ago
You took me to a basement sale
I couldn't wait to go

You told me I could pick a dress
Then you showed me this
Thought that you were kidding
You said it couldn't miss

Here I am with what you bought
Nothing new since then
What a jewel you really are
Though tarnished you old hen

Incidentally have you looked
Into the mirror dear
Seems to me you lost your crown
Down the drain I fear

You're no beauty you big old toad
Your nose could be a private road
Ears your size should be towed
And your ego is on overload

Sorry folks I had my fill
Each day in life a constant hill
Hope you have a lot of fun
Halloween's been such a thrill

Gonna carve this pumpkin then
Put Fred in his place again
Fred has always been a pest
Hope your Halloween's the best.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright September 2, 2002






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