All HAllows Eve


What a night for gazing
Cool and crisp cold air
Watch the witches flying
Bats are everywhere

Ghosts are now appearing
Believe me I don't care
I just sit and watch them
It's magic in the air

Halloween's so special
With fun for everyone
Love to sit and watch it
Till the morning sun

Little ghosts and goblins
Are flying to and fro
This is so delightful
Such a perfect show

Love this place we're resting
But now we must get back
Ines must be worried
We can't have none of that

What a special the evening
We heard the sweet nocturne
Purrfectly delightful
Anxious to get home.

~ Happy Halloween ~

~ Francine Pucillo ~

ęCopyright September 24, 2001








This lovely midi is *Anastasia* from THE CHAMBERS music page.

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