I feel so very special

I'm classic and okay
Greener on the light side

Not one drop of gray

My eyes  indeed are sparkling
My nose has not one flaw
My beauty is incredible
With such distinctive jaw
My glasses are perfection
As you can see my  friends
Designer and originals
"Fifties"  finest trend
So go and get your make-up
I'll teach you my profession
Make-up is my specialty
With all of life's expressions
I really have to go now
I'm doing facial mask
I have to be most careful
Or it turns into a cast
Notice that I have no wart
On this distinctive face
What a pleasure to be called
A woman of such grace
I can't wait to see you
I'll drop by at your place
We'll sit and chat a little bit
About my lovely face
See you when I get there
You know I'll be on time
I'll drop in unexpectedly
I'll greet you with a rhyme..
~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright October 29,, 2005



Midi Entitled "Feels Like A Woman"

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