Filled with hope and sunshine
I always start my day
Each day will get better
I want it just that way

I know that my tomorrow
Will bring out all my best
I'm riding on a rainbow
With dreams I will be blest

Today I'm playing dress up
Then when I'm all grown
I'll make a mark within this life
My name will then be known

Remember that you saw me
I passed your way today
Thinking of tomorrows
With love that's on its way

I want to make a difference
I know that I will too
For all the love you gave me
Will shine right back on you

Thank you for this privilege
To be the best I can
Tomorrow I'm your promise
This my greatest plan.

Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright February 17, 2002




Midi Entitled "Ring Around The Roses" Margi Harrell

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