Within our course of history
Our power shown intrinsically
To realize we have the right
To vote the power of our might
All our voices can be heard
Casting votes that we preferred
This is how we keep the balance
Knowing that with all alliance
We can be the driving force
That follows in our country's course
A gift we have that we must give
So that we may always freely live
Power that is strong and true
That sets the stage for me and you
That privilege that is always there
Makes the difference everywhere
So take the time to cast your vote
Let freedom ring as we quote
"We are those who make a difference
Who have the power of deliverance"
This an honor we have owned
To shape the place we call our home
So when it comes to take a stand
Freedom's vote is in our hands.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright June 22, 2004


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