Each gentle flower on the earth
Gift of heaven's sweet rebirth
With floral scents within a breeze
Gently flowing to appease

Petals of God's softest Love
Dew of life from up above
Mist of clouds within the sky
Quenching thirst for you and I

Flowers fill a field with peace
Swaying sweetly they release
Glory in their special dance
Swaying too and fro at glance

Colors blend in rich bouquet
God has blessed us all this day
How sweet the flower of the field
The love in life it always yields

Have no doubt what love's about
With fields of flowers there's no doubt
God will send His Love each morn
Upon the earth His joy adorns.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright 2003

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The song is entitled, "To Beautiful"

Composed and Performed by ©YUKO OHIGASHI.


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