Within her hands held in her arms
Gilded gold and gemstone charms
Glistening love that's on display
Within her heart life's gentle ray

Offering love with tenderness
From her soul magnificence
This her love for all to see
Dazzling with infinity

Reaching out to feel the glow
Sparkling gems of love now show
Gilded with the greatest care
Love a gift that's always there

Gold in life now carefully placed
Upon the love you shall embrace
Gift of gold we all can share
Gems of life that are so rare

Peaceful love in life remains
Sparkling bright it always reigns
Gold and gems within our souls
Within her hands love unfolds.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright November 5, 2002

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Midi Entitled "Angels Over Me" Performed by Margi Harrell


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