She wears her heart so you can see
The love she shares so reverently
A golden chain that shines a glow
That twinkles with the love you know
Within her heart a beat that's true
The glory that is meant for you
And so it goes and it shall be

A Mother's heart beats endlessly


Upon the earth or up above
So much more her heart speaks of
Memories shared within our life
Those treasures always in our sight
We speak so softly in a rhyme
A "Mother's heart" is undefined
For who's to know the joy of peace
The love a Mother's heart repeats
With every waking day we say
A Mother's love can't fade away
For she is there and always shares
The joy of every link she wears
My Mother gave me stars to shine
She gave me love that always binds
This day I give this back to you
With joy and peace and love renewed.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright June 25, 2006

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