Sweet Sentiments
Sweet Sentiments title


I see your heart in all you do
It's there because of love so true
My friend I love you everyday
A joy that never goes away

No matter how our life has been
The joy of life returns again
It's there because of what we share
The love that makes life so aware

That years in life are gathered here
A treasure that is more than clear
We start each day with love that's new
That grows with joy and peace for you

All those years in life we lost
Within our hearts are now embossed
With glory that we know for sure
Will from this day be love secure

So from this day I'm there for you
Asking God to bless you too
Knowing that you'll always be
The ones I hold so reverently

Through all life's storms or what's ahead
Remember all these word's I've said
To me you'll be that special prayer
The love in life that's always there.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright September 1, 2010

~ For My Special Family ~

The Jackson's
Buzzy,Margaret,Gran & Brandi
John Michael, Kristie, Kelan Mathieu and Riley




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