She walks in quiet beauty
In softest light she gives
The petals of each flower

That springs to earth to live


Each one a joy we capture
In days that lie ahead
The colors born of sunshine
Her weaves life's golden thread
Flowers swaying gently
In season's scented breeze
Soft the wind upon your face
Embracing love with ease
There in all the meadows
In mountains filled with hue
Within the path of glory
Each flower just for you
Feel the wealth of beauty
That springs from barren soil
Filled with God's sweet kisses
Immeasurably so "Royal"
Season now has entered
That gives a soft repose
Gathering the morning mist
That fills our hearts and souls.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright May 1, 2005

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Song Entitled "Pure Love" Is An Original by  Jalal Ali 


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