Touch of Spring is in the air
My heart is filled with glee
Butterflies are going by
Their wings in harmony

Flowers bloom in loveliness
Sight for all to see
Fragrance wafting in the air
Their perfume scenting me

Quite in a peaceful place
That lives within my soul
Special place I offer you
Each day we take our stroll

See the flowers stand so tall
With petals soft and sweet
Joy within this happy time
This treasure now complete

Offering this special gift
Bouquet of life divine
Each flower will commemorate
Nature's love defined

Special magic in the air
Warmth and beauty gleaned
Walking arm in arm with you
My heart is now serene.

~Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright March 2003

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Midi Entitled "Secret Garden" Original Composition by Bruce Deboer

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