The spirit of Love is ready to share

Thoughtful expressions of love waiting there

We gather the treasures we find and we seek

We give them with kindness as they will repeat

For I am the spirit that lives every day

A smile that is given is gift that will stay

So if you need me know that I am near

Holding you gently wiping your tears

For I am the spirit that loves you so much

The thoughtful expression of love's gentle touch

And you will remember as I give you peace

It's my heart you've captured with joy I release

So if you need me I'll always be there

Constantly waiting and able to share

All of the love that my spirit divines

The gift I shall give you with life as it rhymes

Never you worry what else you will need

Today I adorn you with my special creed

For you are the spirit that lives in my soul

The part of this union that I'll always hold

In times of  great sorrow in times of despair

I'm here to stand up ~ I'll always be here

The spirit of Love is now at your door

Creating those footprints that now equal four.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

ęCopyright February 24, 2007







Midi Entitled "Forever More" by MC Shelly

Obtained From Laura's Midi Heaven


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