Now the leaves are twirling 'round
Upon the wind and on the ground
The cool breeze shares it's registry
While life becomes our legacy


For we all choose the path we take
We walk with faith within our wake
We never know what fate is near
To comfort us a heartfelt tear


And so it is within each season
The heart we share for every reason
To see beyond what comes tomorrow
There's always joy and sometimes sorrow


Within this life the season's change
Each one a gift of love remains
Then life is like the gift we share
No matter what the love is there


We dress our souls with hope and love
That we shall know what we speak of
The memory that shares our story
Within our hearts we wear the glory.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright November 19, 2005
Wishing you all a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving.
While this is not particularly a Thanksgiving card per say,
it is one that represents the seasons of life's changes.
Changes for me have been very difficult over these past
few years, losing my sister and then her daughter. It awakens
you to a life of changes. Changes that are hard to deal with
are changes we try to reconcile with. Loosing those we love fills
us with a sadness and an emptiness that we all feel in our
daily lives, but for each sad time we deal with,
there is a moment of our most treasured memories.
Today I think of all of you who sit at your tables
without the presence of those not with you physically,
but  shall always be a part of your heart and soul forever.
Those chairs may be empty but in your heart is a
wealth of beauty and bounty of  love where they all dwell.
Let us pray for peace and understanding and a softness
of a candle's glow this Thanksgiving, giving us a warmth
of love that shows us that those who are not with us now
are truly here and shall always be. Keeping those we
love alive in our hearts keeps their purpose on this earth
a blessing until the end of time. God Bless you all.

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