Always there's a place in time

That takes us through the years

Reaching back for memories

Like raindrops they appear

Today I thought of those sweet days

The days when life was grand

Joined in love and happiness

The day we all held hands

Searching for the dreams to share

They seemed to rush right through

Days have passed so quickly now

Yet friendships stay so true

Together we were such a force

Of love with hearts of sharing

Today we find that we are still

Filled with love and caring

All those days of yesteryear

They repeat within this place

Capturing the joy we had

That leads to love's embrace

Keep forever in your heart

The joy in life we've treasured

Forever we are side by side

With love we cannot measure.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

ęCopyright March 24, 2007


Song Title "Tears of Love"

Original Composition by Mickey Gentle

Obtained From Laura's Midi Heaven

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