Dedicated to

To All Who Served In WWII



Years have passed and still no gift
We offer to those gone
Who fought the fight of freedom
Their blood on foreign grounds

Men and women of these years
Each day now they depart
No tribute for their courage showed
Just aching of our hearts

The ones who stood for loyalty
Proud colors of their land
Who waged a fight for freedom
No fear to take a stand

Battles fought from everywhere
The land the sea and sky
Each brave solider did his job
Knowing they might die

Those who have grown older now
We seem to push aside
The heroes of the biggest war
No honor does preside

So silently they slip away
As tears fall to the ground
Wet the soil where they now lay
No honors on them crowned

Today a soldier slipped away
His hand was worn with age
Kissed his brow in silence wept
Another scrapbook page

Before me see a monument
That speaks so much of you
The solider that I'm proud I knew
His uniform brand new

Within the sky upon a hill
World War II vets wait
To look upon the earth to see
What honor in their fate

Within the sky their names are cast
With every golden star
Creating such a special glow
Our only gift so far

Saluting from the sky to earth
This gesture has been made
Tribute to the life they lived
To everyone they saved

Freedom rings from all the land
In honor brave and true
Triumphantly a soldier gave
His heart and soul for you.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright 2001



It is with great pleasure that on April 19

of this year a The National WWII Memorial

opened to the public. This was long overdue.

 God Bless Us Everyone.

~ 2004 ~


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