As life tells it's story
There's much we can find
In joy of our journey
The road always binds

Two hearts joined together
The beat has no end
You carry it always
Because you're my friend

I sit and I ponder
How grateful I've been
For years we have traveled
The road had it's bends

But always a smile there
When times were so low
That hand reaching for me
To offer life's flow

No matter the distance
Wherever you are
I feel that you're with me
You'll never be far

Tomorrow's you promised
They've always been there
In sweet inspirations
In friendship's sweet prayer

Look to the light now
It shines just for you
Sparkles so brightly
Your heart shares this view

No words I can offer
No more can I say
For you are the treasure
That I share each day.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright March 15, 2003


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Midi Entitled "Leaves on the Seine" Obtained from Blackskies Midi List


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