Deep within the soul's abyss
My heart has reached the core of this
Reaching down and at the end
I've found the glory that extends
My inner thoughts are now revealed
Upon my heart they have been sealed
Etched in thoughts that I've designed
Within myself my spirit climbs
Wrapped up in the thoughts I share
I'll capture dreams of life aware
Seeking what was hard to find
It's always there but I've been blind
Within the confines of my soul
A treasured dream that now extols
With every fiber of my being
It is my heart that I am seeing
Fear has left and now is gone
As softness enters life goes on
Knowing this has come to pass
Feeling joy that now will last
All because I finally heard
The treasury of all my words
It is a prayer that set me free
That echoes now eternally.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright August, 2004

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Midi Entitled "Tears On A Rose" is an original composition

 by composer and performer lan Michaels

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