Hello world I've just arrived
Cuddly friends are by my side
Making all my dreams come true
Feel so very special too

Trip not easy I confess
My poor Mama needs some rest
Daddy he was by her side
Face was glowing filled with pride

All the family made a fuss
In fact they were quite boisterous
Now I'm home and glad to be
Around my loving family

I'll just smile and bat these eyes
Giggle coo and hypnotize
Then when they are fast asleep
I'll quickly get them on their feet

They'll pick me up with gentle care
Quite down while they are there
What a life it's going to be
Filled with sweetest memories

Well I guess I better go
Have to catch the late late show
See you then and it's a bet
My diaper will be nice and wet

What a big day this has been
My arrival rated ten
Better get some sleep and then
Be calling out for them again.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright 2001

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