Whooptee doo watch us go
Look out world we meet below
Flying in this snow white stuff
Landing softly on our duffs

Isn't it so great to ride
Perfect day for feeling pride
Doesn't matter what our age
Every moment we have staged

Doing this for years and years
Laughed so much we shed some tears
So don't you worry we'll get by
Sliding down this old hillside

Don't you fret we got this made
For years and years this path is paved
So button up and sit real tight
Watch us go with such delight

Watch out world we're coming through
This entertainment just for you
Soon you'll learn and won't forget
Life can never have regrets

So we are both just young at heart
Daring and pure works of art
Whopptee doo and Whopptee dee
You're never too old ~ just wait and see.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright January 20, 2004



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