No more fear for I am here
Showing you the way that's clear
Upon the clouds within the glow
Softness you will come to know

Gentleness of heaven's wing
Glory in the song we sing
Choir of the Angel's song
Welcomes you where you belong

Beloved one I'm here for you
Visions that will now come true
Fields of flowers blessed each day
Fragrance that will always stay

Whispers of a gentle breeze
Upon the walk you take with ease
Join me in this Blessed place
God and loved ones all embrace

I see you now your almost here
Reaching down to ease your fear
Kissed upon your furrowed brow
All that heaven will allow

Love and joy within God's Home
Joy and peace in Heaven's Gloam
Soft horizon way on high
Peace now comes with gentle sigh.

Francine Pucillo
ęCopyright February 2003

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