Need some magic
Well I'm on line
Sending wishes
With a rhyme

May not have a lot to say
But I love you any way
Make a wish it will come true
Send it on to someone too

Close you eyes
And take a breath
Cleanse you're soul
I'll do the rest

Poof your cares are gone away
I give you sunshine on this day
Wanna dance well hey let's go
Join me in this magic show

If you don't feel better then
Take a spin and try again
I hope you know I guarantee
All wishes granted faithfully

Now I see you with that smile
Glad that I could stay awhile
Now I have to put on a show
Sorry but I have to go

Catch you later
You can bet
See some magic
Don't forget

Time is life is often sad
But now I hope your feeling glad
Well for now I'm bowing out
Come on now remove that pout.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright May 22, 2004




Midi Entitled "Ta Ra Ra Boom De Ay"

Obtained from Laura's Midi Heaven

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