Years are worn within his hand
With love he's made his way
Held so close to every dream
He reaches for new day

Toil and suffering we see
Through many years he bore
Yet he's reaching for new life
With wisdom there is more

Little hand that holds so tight
Will treasure lines engraved
Feels his love securely held
The journey has been paved

Showing love with tender touch
This graceful age he wears
Reaching out to travel forth
No greater love compares

Holding on with gentleness
These hands are so unique
He who shares the special love
The new life will repeat

Ever reaching always there
The hand of age will guide
Showing youth the gentleness
This worn hand shall provide.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright 2001

Midi Entitled "Who We Are''  by Bruce DeBoer

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