The gentle look upon her face
The love a heart and soul embrace
This the beauty that is there
That captures joy beyond compare
It's there to see with all its caring
This overwhelming love she's sharing
Teaching joy that's defined
In silence pure and love divined
The face of love it reads a scripture
Of all the heart's revolving mixture
Pride and joy is what is giving
In tender moments we are living
Memories her child will share
Within the years of tender care
Giving back will be her gift
Moments when her heart will drift
Thinking back to days gone by
With all the joy she will rely
On scores of joyous memories
Her golden box of treasuries
These the times we share the glory
Of love we feel through every story
Etched within the times of past
The shadows that our love will cast.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright January 23, 2007

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