When life is overwhelming

When things don't go your way
Reach out for each other
Blend all hearts today
Friends are here to help you
No matter who you are
We always need each other
In spirit near or far
So here I am to hold you
To kiss your tears away
To let you know I love you
In a most deserving way
Doesn't matter where we go
Or what in life we do
I am but a breath away
Reaching out for you
Seek me out I'll be there
Holding out my hand
Giving you the confidence
I am here at your command
You can always lean on me
I'm willing and I'm strong
The love that you're receiving
Forever shall belong
Times are filled with sorrow
Life is filled with pain
But glory in a friendship
Falls like silken rain
Capturing the essence
Of what life should require
Cleansing all the sorrow
Through communions we inspire.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright May 16, 2007


Midi Entitled "Beautiful"

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