Such a busy night he had
Now he needs his rest
Please try not to wake him
This little one so blest

All curled up and snugly
He's sleeping in his tree
So when he wakes up hungry
His table set sweetly

People staring at him
He doesn't even care
Sleeping in this fashion
His days he will not share

Wonder what he's dreaming
While he's fast asleep
Trees of Eucalyptus
Such bounty he now reaps

Nighttime comes so quickly
So please don't wake him now
Dreaming of such beauty
While fastened to his bough

Nature's love is out there
We see it every day
Reason for a blessing
That always comes our way.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright June 24 2002

Midi "Entitled "Skye Song" by Bruce DeBoer

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