Extremely patriotic
As you can plainly see
Especially on occasions
We all share reverently

Today I'm so excited
To wear my beary best
Top hat and tuxedo
In colors I called blest

Upon this great occasion
My heart is filled with pride
For I feel very privileged
Standing side by side

Yup I love my Country
The men and women strong
Who stand up for our nation
And always will belong

For those who are not with us
We think of you each day
Pray that you are safe and sound
In our hearts you'll stay

For those of us together
Sharing joy and fun
We hope that you remember
Our colors never run

So on this day of glory
Lets raise our voices loud
You bet we are United
And always very proud

Together on our journey
That binds us all the way
Hearts all joined together
God Bless the USA.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright June 28, 2003


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