Sharing love together
The joy of each new day
Holding you within my heart
Life's bountiful bouquet

Hearts of love created
Compassion that is clear
Peaceful love is singing
Heart's song we always hear

Time that we have gathered
With memories we share
Each one of us a joyful part
Of love that's so aware

Though we may be different
Our heart's are all the same
Friendship's greatest meaning
Forever sparks life's flame

Peace will enter softly
Within our life designed
Kindness love and goodness
The joys in life combined

Days of sharing friendship
It brings sweet harmony
For years to come life's treasure
Gives love so graciously.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright May 28, 2002-2003








Midi "Two Lovers" sequenced and performed

by Andy Klapwyk


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